When I send an email to a client with two email addresses, does the system send the message to both addreses?


Yes. There is a little display inconsistency though on your coach end, when you look at the message in the client's Email Log. If you look at it while it's in course of being sent (not delivered yet), you will see both the client's email addresses featured in the "To:" section of the email in view mode. After it's delivered, the view mode of the email on your coach end will only feature one email address of the two the client has, and it will be the address to which email was first delivered.


This is something we cannot do much about, as it's a limitation in our implementation of SendGrid, the 3rd party emailing service that we use to send the coaches' communications to their clients, which can only follow one email address (even if an email was sent to multiple addresses).


If you want to make sure that things are as presented in this explanation, you can either check with the client to confirm, or test this yourself by sending an email to a test client who has two or more email addresses and checking whether the message was delivered to all addresses.

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