Can I post a message in the Client Log of multiple clients at once?


There is a way, but only linked to appointments with a group.

If you put the clients in a group and schedule an appointment with that group, when you take session notes for that group appointment, you can opt to copy the notes in the Client Log, and this way they will be copied in the Client Log of each client in that group.

If interested in this solution, these would be the steps:

  1. Create a group in the Contacts tab (if you don't already have the desired group).
  2. Put the clients in question in the group. You can use the Search Contacts tool to the right of the Contacts tab to quickly put more clients in a group. If you don't know how to use the advanced Search Contacts tool, here is a short tutorial.
  3. After that, go to the Calendar and schedule an appointment with that group.
  4. Then go to any client in that group, to CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > Appointments tab > click on the "Session Notes" icon (with the sheets of paper) to the right of the respective group appointment > enter the client notes for the group appointment (in the section "Appointment Notes To E-Mail To Group 'Name' Members " > then when you are done, check the option "Copy Session Follow Up Notes To Client Log" and save.
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