SSL certificates for external domains pointed to Coaches Console websites


When you have your custom domain name pointed to your Coaches Console IP in Website Settings (so that your Console website shows at your custom domain), two (2) SSL security certificates are generated for free from the Coaches Console end: one for your main domain name and another for the 'www' sub-domain in the URL (

This process typically takes 24 hours once you point your registered domain name to the Console IP. 

You'll know your certificates are in place when the URL in your browser reads and no longer displays a security warning when you go to it.

The SSL certificates are renewed (regenerated) every 3 months. This process is automated, although sometimes issues can occur. So, if at some point you see a security warning message when you go to your custom domain name, that means the SSL certificates regeneration probably failed for some reason and you can contact our support to look into the matter.

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