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Can you explain how the system notification templates work?


Some of the notification templates go automatically, but based on your scheduling. For example, when you schedule an appointment you can choose to send the appointment confirmation immediately, and you can select the time in advance of the appointment when you want to send the reminder.

Others go automatically when triggered by events, such as a prospect signing your agreement with them. When they sign, the system turns them automatically into active clients and sends them the template "Account Details Notification". Or when a client posts an entry in the Client Log, you get a notification as coach with the template "Client Log Entry by Client". When you respond to the client, you can opt to send an email notification of your reply and then the system uses the template "Client Log Entry" (that's for the coach's log entry).

Another example of event triggered template is when someone opts in via an Opt-In Form and you have the Double Opt-In feature turned on in your Communication Settings (in order to avoid spam contact entries): that is where the system sends them the template "Optin Confirmation".

And other templates you can only send manually, like the Password Reminder (with the link "Send password to client" in the client's Profile tab (CONTACTS TAB > Contact Name).

The "Unsubscribe Communication Footer" template is included automatically in all communications based on subscription (newsletters, group emails, autoresponder series), because by law the recipient has to have the option to unsubscribe if they want to. The unsubscribe footer is not included in direct emails to individual clients (sent from their profile with the link "Send email to {Client Name}" at the top) or in system notifications (appointment confirmations and reminders, password reminders, etc.).

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