Can I brand my emails, newsletters and autoresponders?


Does the branding of your company branding appear on any of the emails or pages the clients see? I am trying to get a sense of how much control over my branding - look and feel - I get overall, and if the client will know I am working through your service.

Everything is branded with your brand. You upload your header, logo, colors, graphics, text, content, etc. There are two exceptions:

  1. When they receive an email, automated reminder, and other communications that you send through your Coaches Console system, the "from" address in the opened email message would be from your name, your email address and then followed with "on behalf of This is to ensure that we do not violate spam regulations and ensures that your intended recipient receives your messages.
  2. In the footer (bottom) of the new website templates, there's a message saying "Power by Coaches Console" with the Coaches Console brand image.
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