Can I attach documents to messages in a series of autoresponders/newsletters?


Can I attach documents to messages in a series of autoresponders/newsletters?

No, the attachment function is reserved to email messages. The reason is that attached files get caught in spam filters and are often too large to send easily. Instead, you have the option of uploading the documents into your Coaches Console and make them available on your website either publicly or with private permissions set only for those you want to be granted access.

In your newsletters or autoresponders, give people the download link to your public document(s) or private document(s). The public documents can be downloaded directly, while for the private documents people are taken first to your clients login page to enter their username and password before they can access the documents.

In order to insert in a newsletter or autoresponder message a link to an uploaded document, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the desired document to your Console system under Website > Documents.
  2. Under Communicate > Newsletters, respectively Autoresponders, create or edit the message(s) where you want to link to a document.
  3. In the editor, place your cursor inside the body of the message where you desire to reference the document (i.e. "Click here to download Document ABC").
  4. Highlight the text and click on the 'Insert/Edit hyperlink' icon in the content editor.
  5. When the hyperlink box displays, leave the LINK URL blank and click on the LINK LIST pull down menu.
  6. Scroll down to locate your desired document and click on it.
  7. Click "Insert" and this will insert the direct hyperlink inside your document.

You can also watch this short video tutorial about creating links to your internal resources (documents among them).

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