How can clients unsubscribe themselves from my Autoresponders, Newsletters and Emails?


How can clients unsubscribe themselves from my Autoresponders, Newsletters and Emails?

Autoresponders: For the New Client Autoresponder and the Opt-in Autoresponder, at the bottom of each message sent there’s an unsubscribe link that the client can click on should s/he choose to no longer receive your autoresponder messages. The coach can also unsubscribe a client from the New Client Autoresponder by going to MAIN CLIENTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > PERSONAL INFO and clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in the "Client Information" section. In the case of Custom Autoresponders, there is no unsubscribe link in the body of messages sent to clients because you can subscribe them yourself manually from a certain Custom Autoresponder series by going to CLIENT TAB > CLIENT TAB > PERSONAL INFO, scrolling down to the Custom Autoresponders and un-checking the client from the series you want her/him to be unsubscribed.

Newsletters: When you send a newsletter (because the intention of that feature is for marketing purposes), at the bottom of your newsletter message your recipients will see the link to "unsubscribe." If a recipient clicks the "Unsubscribe" link, they will still be in your contact list, but will no longer receive the Newsletter when you email it out to group(s). Their name/email will be omitted from the recipient list.       

Emails: Currently when you send an email, the "Unsubscribe" link is not included at the bottom of the message because the intention is that you are communicating with someone or a group of people directly - not mass marketing.  We are looking at adding this feature into the system in future releases.

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    Jackie McMillan

    Is there a way that we can add an unsubscribe link to our general newsletter manually, in the meantime?

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