If we have a CC account, but then become the client of someone also using CC, can those accounts be one-and-the-same? Or do we need to use a 2nd email address as "client?"


To keep EVERYTHING secure and confidential, they are two different accounts. One account as you, the coach managing your clients, data and schedule. Then a second account (with a totally different username and password) to access your coach's private client website to complete your forms with your coach, schedule appointments, make payments, etc. This is not a second Coaches Console account, though. This second account is an account with your coach to access their private client website.

They are two different accounts with two different login credentials. ALSO, remember that there are two different login screens. To login to your Coaches Console account (to manage your clients, communications, billing, schedule, etc), you go to www.coachesconsole.com and click on "Members Login". But you will need to go directly to your coach's website URL and click "Login" on their website to access their private client website area and complete for forms, etc.

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