Will I overwrite all my groupings/notes etc if I import a new .csv file into Coaches Console?


No, there is no overwriting, with an exception that only pertains to the client formation fields. When importing contacts files, the system looks at the contacts’ email address and updates the name of the contact, if different. So, the email address is the filter and basis of comparison for avoiding double contact entries. For example, if you have John Smith in your Console contacts list with the email address address@email.com and you import a file where you have John Adam Smith with the same email address (address@email.com), the system updates the name to John Adam Smith. The same goes for the other columns in the import file and corresponding fields in the Console’s client information section (CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > PROFILE TAB > Client Information).

Also, very important: (1) The import file must contain all the three mandatory pieces of contact data: first name, last name, email address. If even one of these is missing from the file, the Console will omit that entry in your import file and will mention that in the import report. (2) Bigger files need to be split into partial files of no more than 1000 rows in order to be imported by the system.

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