How do I upload a newsletter that was in another program into my Coaches Console?


You can use the newsletter feature in The Coaches Console to create newsletters (with the blank template provided in Communicate menu > Newsletters > button '+ Create Newsletter' in the top right corner).

A newsletter created in a different program cannot be uploaded directly as a newsletter into the Coaches Console. You can instead copy and paste the content, but with special attention to potential formatting issues.

The best recommendation would be to copy the newsletter content from the external system and paste it in the Coaches Console newsletter editor using the 'Paste as text' icon in the newsletter editor toolbar, then format it with the options in the Console editor.

If your external newsletter includes images hosted on the external platform, it might be a good idea to download those images from the external platform and upload them in the Console system as well, then insert them into the Console newsletter.

As an alternative option, if your newsletter has already been created in something like a PDF file, is to upload it as a document that is then attached in an email message that is sent from your Console system.

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