Are these the steps of processing a client in the CC system: 1. Create and send invoice? 2. Create and send contract? 3. Provide access to online account?


Contacts need to be first entered in your Console list (in the lower left corner of the coach screen, click on the orange plus (+) icon > ADD CONTACT)). If you want the contacts to have access to the client interface, you need to make them either active clients or hot leads; prospects and inactive clients cannot login in the client interface to see your calendar and schedule, work with forms or get access to private content (with permissions per client or group).

You can invoice contacts of all statuses with the Add Miscellaneous (manually when you go to BILLING > CREATE INVOICE). If you want to create invoices with the "Bill for coaching" (default) option that looks into existing agreements with the clients, you need to create agreements for them, using the agreement wizard either in BILLING > AGREEMENTS > Setup a new client agreement, or in CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > AGREEMENT > Setup a new client agreement. A series of short tutorials about each tab of the agreement wizard:

So, the usual order for a client who becomes regular coached client would be:

  1. Enter the client in your system.
  2. Create and send agreement to client via email (which needs to be signed by the client).
  3. Schedule appointments in the calendar.
  4. Create and send invoice(s).
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