What are the differences between the client statuses: Active Client, Inactive Client, Hot Lead, Prospect and Buyer?


ACTIVE CLIENT: a person working with you (for free or as a paid client). This contact has a username and password and has access to login to your private client website. They can access private webpages, forms and documents (based on the permission settings). Appointments booked with an active client are included in your certification report.

INACTIVE CLIENT: a former client who is no longer working with you. Their coaching agreement has expired and you no longer want them to have access to your private client website (pages, forms, documents). This allows you to retain all your client data, files and information within your Console system. Any hours listed for inactive clients are included in the Certification Report.

HOT LEAD: a contact that is more than just a prospect. They are very curious about coaching and on the verge of hiring you as their coach. Typically this status is used when you book a sample session with a prospect. By having the contact listed as "Hot Lead" you can assign them a username/password so they can access parts of your private client website in the event you provide forms/documents to sample session participants. Appointments booked with a hot lead are added to your certification hours. Listing contacts in Hot Leads prevents you from having to scan through a long list of prospects to locate those most interested, hot and ready for your services.

PROSPECT: any contact (friend, family member, referral source, potential client) that you have on your list. A Prospect does not have access to your private client website and can only book sample sessions on your calendar. Any appointments booked with a prospect are NOT counted in your certification report.

BUYER: any contact who first entered in your system by registering and purchasing one of your products. Buyers can login in order to access the contents of their product(s).

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