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Can my contacts unsubscribe themselves from my communications?


Yes, at the end of each subscription-based message (group emails, newsletters, autoresponders), there is an "Unsubscribe" link that your contacts can click on and, in a new "Manage Subscriptions for {Contact Name}" summary screen, opt out of certain communications from you by un-checking the different types of messages and clicking on the button "Update my subscriptions" or opt out of all communications by clicking the button "Unsubscribe from all types of emails". When a recipient unsubscribes from any communication in your system, under the CONTACTS TAB> CLIENT NAME > PROFILE > “Subscription Settings” section, you will see what the client is or is not subscribed to receive.

Note: Direct emails to a contact (from their Profile) and system notifications (like appointment confirmation, reminders, follow-up messages, etc.) do not contain an unsubscribe link because they are considered personal or work related emails.

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