In terms of the costs, what is the level of (initial) commitment necessary to enroll? Is month to month an option? And is there a prescribed method of paying (i.e. auto deduct from credit card, check, etc.)?


We just ask you to make a month to month agreement with us. As long as the system serves you and your business, we’d love to support you. If you find the system is not what you are needing/wanting, then we ask for a 30 day notice and we’ll mark your account inactive. When you sign up, you will be prompted to (1) create your username and password to initialize your account. You will then be asked to (2) provide your billing information (debit or credit card) and the monthly fee will automatically be deducted every 30 days from the account given. As a note, should you need to change which account the fee is being debited from in the future, you can simply contact us (our bookkeeper) and she can update that information easily for you.

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