The Coaches Console system prevents the coaches from using Yahoo and AOL email addresses in their Communication Settings due to delivery issues. When such an email address is entered by the coach into the fields, a message is displayed that details the reasons why the Yahoo/AOL addresses are not supported:

"Please use a different email address as your Coaches Console email.
This email address is used to send out important communication to your contacts.
AOL and Yahoo do not allow third parties such as Coaches Console to send email on their behalf, resulting in your communication to your clients not being received."

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    Annette Pang

    Hi Coaches Console,

    I am just starting using CC so please forgive me if I am remiss in asking questions that you have already answered somewhere else.

    Subject: Sending emails to some people on my list from my CC Dashboard.
    Kindly let me know what happens to this email message:

    1. Is it stored on CC? Or on my own gmail account?
    2. If they reply to email, does CC store replies?
    3. Is there a historical SENT or INBOX file for those people who received emails from me, via CC?
    4. Do you endorse my using CC as an active email server or do I use it only for special cases or attachments?
    5. Can you refer me to tutorials for CC email usage?
    6. How can I attach the calendar to the email blast from CC?

    Thank you very much!
    Annette Pang

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    Marius Chitosca

    Hi, Annette,

    Those are good questions. And here are the answers:

    1. When you send messages to clients from the Console, they are sent to their email inboxes, and also stored in the Email Log (CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > Email Log). You can send a copy of them to yourself too, but that is only an option that you use.

    2. If they reply to the message you sent from the Console, their reply goes to your own email address that you are using in the Console. So, those replies are not stored in the Console. In any case, if a client logs into the Console private website and posts in the Client Log, those posts (replies) are stored in the Console for you and them to see at any time.

    3. Yes, it's the Email Log of the client, mentioned above, (and/or the Client Log, if you post messages for the client in their Client Log on the Console).

    4. You can definitely use the Console as your email service, to send communications to clients, and you can have attachments. The only reason to use a different service would be if, for example, you want to send newsletters with complex, custom templates. The Console provides rather simple templates for newsletter at the moment.

    5. If you look on the main video tutorials page, you will see sections for emails, newsletter, autoresponders, and we recommend that you review them all:


    6. Yes, you can provide a link to your Console calendar. When you create a link in your editor, select the linkable text, click on the icon "Insert/Edit Link" in your editor menu, then in the pop-up window, select the Calendar page from the Link List drop-down menu, and click OK. And just to make sure, you can find the direct URL to your Console calendar in WEBSITE TAB > Settings > section "Direct Link to your Coaches Console Online Calendar".

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