How do I register and attend to a Tues@2 webinar?


To register and attend any Tues@2 call: 

  1. You must register for each T@2 session that you wish to attend. You can register on the Dashboard of your Console when you log in. You have to register for each and every T@2 training or you will not receive any email with the link to join.
  2. One hour prior to the webinar (Tuesday at 1pm EST) you'll receive an email from with a subject line something like this "Reminder : Your Webinar is on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST".
  3. Inside this reminder email is the link you click on to join the webinar at the start time. Just click on this link and you're in.  If you are not receiving reminders to join then there are two things for you to look at.  First, did you click on the registration link on the dashboard of your console to register and reserve your spot? And if so, did you receive the email from to join? Some folks report that the gotowebinar reminder lands in their junk or spam. So, if you did in fact register then you'll want to look in your junk folder or add "" to your approved recipients list so any emails from that address pass through to your inbox.
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