I am wondering if I can expand my account to have more than one coach on my program. Is it possible?


While technically more than one coach can use a Coaches Console system here are the things you will want to pay special attention to:

1) everyone uses the same username/password
2) In the event (as rare as it may be) that more than one coach are logged in at exactly the same time and were to click on the "save" button at the same time, only one of their changes would be saved. Again this is rare, but something worth noting.

These next two are probably the biggest to make note of:
3) only one appointment can exist on the schedule in any given day/time slot so more than one coach can not book an appointment with a client in the same slot. 
4) all hours are tracked in one, single certification report so if you have multiple coaches within the same system, there is no way to distinguish between which coach has logged how many hours for their certification report.

We do have multi-coach discounts and if you would like more information on the special pricing, setup, etc Stephanie Burger would be happy to share with you all of that information. You can contact her at info@coachesconsole.com.


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