How can I be certain that my client's data is confidential and TCC will never reveal any of the info about me, the coach or my clients?


There are 4 levels of security.

  1. Username/password protection to ensure that each user has a unique ID to keep data organized and confidential.
  2. The webpages are secured and you can see that designated with the "s" in the https:// URL address.
  3. There is a security certificate that protects the site and database which you can view at any time.
  4. The connection and pages are encrypted with a high-grade encryption level of RC4 256 Bit.

Plus in the instances when your Console Website is connected to an outside source for payment processing (with Practice Pay Solutions for example) that transmission is also protected with the third-party's protection levels as well).

Then internally within our team. We operate under the same code of ethics that you do as a coach and we take those very seriously. We don't access that information (about you or your clients). What we do access is the coding and programming that organizes and stores that data in your system. It is our job to keep the coaches console system operating for you so you can run your business and serve your clients. Our team of programmers and developers operate under a confidentiality agreement.  In the event that you have a question about how to use some aspect of your Console system or if there is ever a "bug" that creeps us causing your system to not function properly (which can happen from time to time) we may ask you information about a client, appointment, invoice or other data so we can locate the problem, isolate it and fix it for you.  We're always working on your behalf to make sure your Console system is working efficiently for you. 

Never do we, or anyone on our team share information. Your business data and client data is protected and safe.

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