Why a coach cannot directly sign a draft agreement for the client, without the need to send it to the client via email?


There are many different needs and preferences among coaches regarding agreements and we try to accommodate as many as possible, but of course the system cannot cover all the finer details in each specific case.

In the Console system the automated invoicing is linked to the agreements a coach has with the clients, no matter the duration of the agreement. It can be 1 month, it can be 2 years. The system simply needs an agreement, so it can invoice the client automatically (if so chooses the coach in the Invoicing tab of the agreement wizard) or to allow the coach to invoice manually based on the agreement settings with "Bill for coaching" button (in BILLING TAB > Create Invoice).

Besides that, the idea is that the clients should always be informed of an agreement (no matter how brief) via email, even when they allow the coach to login as them and signed it.

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