Is it possible to create an agreement template that shows a price discount?


There are a few possible solutions, depending on the type of invoicing in the agreement (automated or manual).

  1. If the agreement is with manual invoicing, after the client signs it, you go to create the invoices each month (in BILLING TAB > Create Invoice), then edit the generated invoice draft to specify a percent or flat discount before sending the invoice.
  2. Automated Invoicing in agreement does not have a discount feature as such. You could either:
    • (a) use the "Pay in Full" option in the "Coach Agreement" tab of the agreement wizard (where you edit the total amount to reflect the discount) and this will generate the invoice for the full amount with a discount, or
    • (b) in the "Coach agreement" tab enter the discounted amount as the agreement amount (per month, per session, whichever the case) and, in the "Invoicing Tab" of the client agreement wizard, click on the link to enter a note (this note section appears in the body of every agreement invoice) where you could say something like: "The total price for this package is $xxx per month/session, etc. You are receiving a 10% discount which is already reflected in this invoice".
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