How do I block my calendar, so that prospects and clients cannot schedule whenever they want?


The way the calendar works is that your entire calendar, by default is "not available" to your clients/prospects. If you do nothing on your calendar than when your clients and prospects attempt to access and view your calendar they will see nothing and will be unable to view/schedule any thing. 

When you schedule client appointments in your calendar, only that particular client will see their specific appointment (no other clients will see the appointment). 

Only when you schedule blocks of time marked "available" will your clients be able to do anything (scheduled/reschedule) within your calendar. AND they will only be able to do so if it is more than 24 hours in advance. 

So if you are NOT available every weekday from 9-5pm, then you actually do not need to do anything. Simply schedule appointments for the times that you are "working" and possible schedule blocks of "available" time for the times that you ARE AVAILABLE and desire your clients/prospects to schedule/reschedule appointments with you.

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