What are the options for prospective clients to schedule time on my calendar for an introductory call? They don't have a password yet!


Prospects cannot, but also do not need to log into the private portal in order to schedule an appointment with you. They can schedule on your public calendar.

If you allow prospect scheduling on your public Console calendar, then you just need to create appointment types for prospects in CALENDAR TAB > Appointment types (one or more, depending on what types of appointments you would offer to prospects). Make sure you setup the permissions for the appointment types to be for "Sample Sessions (Prospects)".

And they can either use the Complimentary Session box on the sidebar of your Console website or you can give them the direct link to your Console calendar (found CALENDAR TAB > Calendar Settings > section "Direct Link to your Coaches Console Online Calendar") or even the direct link to the appointment type(s).

You also need to have scheduled in advance available time for prospects using the appointment types for them. When they go to the calendar, they will be required to fill out an Opt-In form when they click on the available times to schedule. And you will get an email notification when they schedule.

Useful video tutorials:

Link to the complete list of video tutorials about the Calendar in the Support Center.

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