I work with a VA and I have some client confidentiality concerns. How do I download and remove all old notes and call strategy forms answers from past clients?


You can print the client's answers for the Call Strategy form and the session notes for all appointments in CLIENTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > APPOINTMENTS > "View All Notes" button. Then you can delete the session notes for each appointment at a time using the "Take Notes/Call Strategy" button. But you cannot delete the answers to the Call Strategy form. For the latter, you would have two choices, both a bit "radical" and not really recommended:

(a) deleting the appointments from your calendar or 
(b) totally deleting them as a contact from your system.

Neither of which we suggest because:

(a) if you delete past appointments, your certification report will no longer be correct and your system will no longer be able to track automatically your coaching hours. If you are not concerned with tracking hours this might be a viable option, but again, we don't recommend it.

(b) if you delete clients, you will no longer have their profile information, past hours coached, invoice/payment history that might be needed for tax purposes, etc. Again, this is something we would not recommend.

So, technically you can delete all past appointments and/or remove clients from your system to accomplish what you ask -- BUT IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

What we would actually recommend is to establish a non-disclosure agreement with the VA that you are hiring and to establish clear boundaries for what the VA should and should not access when logged into your Console system. Do keep in mind that VA's have a similar type of code of ethics they follow just as we do (through the ICF).

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