Can I choose in which appointment reminder the system will include the link for the Call Strategy form?


Yes, and it depends on the client permissions for the Call Strategy form. You would make the form available for the clients you want to get this link and fill out the form, while making it unavailable for the clients you don't want to get the link in the reminder and fill out the form. The permissions are granted from WEBSITE TAB > FORMS > Call Strategy > "EDIT" option from menu to the right > tab "Form permissions" > make your changes and click on the button "SAVE. This way, the system will know for whom to include or not the link to the form in the appointment reminders.

Otherwise, the only other option would be to deactivate the inclusion of the Call Strategy form in all appointment reminders, regardless of the permissions for the form, in PROFILE SETTINGS (the option in the lower left corner of your coach account screen) > link "Calendar Settings" > option "Include call strategy link in the appointment reminders sent to clients."

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