How do I update a group follow-up notes?


You can take/update Session Notes for a group appointment by going to any of the clients belonging to that group in the appointments section.

  1. Go to the CONTACTS tab and filter the group from the drop-down list to the left.
  2. Select any of the clients in the group.
  3. In the Appointments tab, click on the icon "Session Notes"  to the right of the group appointment and take/update the notes in the lower half of the screen where you see the section titled "Appointment Notes To E-Mail To: {Group Name}". Use the "SAVE" button to make sure you do not lose the notes or the updates that you entered.
  4. Use the button "SEND FOLLOW UP NOTES TO CLIENT", if you want the clients in the group to receive the notes/updates to the notes. The system will email the notes to each client in the group.
  5. You can also copy the session notes to the Client Log by checking the respective option and saving. For a group appointment, the session notes will be copied to the Client Log of all the contacts in the respective group.
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