Can you explain how Autoresponder messages are sent to a client in relation to the time interval between messages?


The system records the exact time when the contact was subscribed to the autoresponder series and sends the relative messages in the series at that time. For example, if the client subscribed at 3:15PM, the message at 0 days will be delivered immediately, the message at 1 day interval will be delivered the next day around 3:15PM, the message at 2 days interval will be delivered after two days since subscription around 3:15PM, and so on.

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    Neil Gabbie

    Marius, has the above mentioned change been implemented? Is the subscription time now recorded, so each message is sent at exact 24hour intervals, i.e. the same time each day, the same time that the original subscription happened?

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    Marius Chitosca

    Yes, Neil. We just forgot to edit the FAQ to confirm the change. Thank you for bringing attention.

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