Is there a way to test the autoresponders before I send them?


You could set yourself up as an active client in your system using your own email address, then assign yourself to any/all of the autoresponders you desire to preview/test.

We recommend using for the test client an email address different than the one you have as coach in order to better differentiate between the messages the system sends you as coach from the ones that it sends you as the test client.

Note: If you already tested your autoresponders once by subscribing as a test client via an Opt-In form and, at some point, you want to register again via the same or another Opt-In form, make sure that your second testing account does not have the same email address as the previous one. If the email address is similar, the system can "see" that and will not create a new contact record, but simply overwrite the already existing one and will check the group and autoresponder associated with the different Opt-In form that you are testing.

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