Are the imported contacts subscribed automatically to Console communications?


No, imported clients are only added as prospects and also included in the group(s) you choose during import. They don't receive any communications automatically. You can subscribe them manually to the communications you want them to receive:

  1. Either individually (in CONTACTS > CONTACT NAME > “Profile” tab > “Autoresponders” View All  > turn on the radio button of the autoresponder(s) you want to subscribe then to,
  2. or multiple contacts at once, by using the “Advance Search” tool > Tick the radio button of the contact names you wish to subscribe and under “Subscription” drop down option. A video tutorial about applying mass actions via the “Advance Search” tool or click “Actions”.

Also, make sure in advance that the respective imported contacts expressed their previous agreement to receive communications from you (they subscribed via other Opt-In forms outside the Console before you imported them into your Console Clients list). You could also email them from the Console with a link to an opt-in form page where they can express their agreement to receive communications from you. You could also use the consent checkboxes in the Opt-In Form to help the contacts express their agreement to receive your various types of communications.

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