Do you have Autoresponders?


Yes, we currently have 3 types of Autoresponders:

  1. Opt-In Form Autoresponders (autoresponders associated with an opt-in form, that are delivered automatically according to your scheduling to a person after s/he subscribes via the opt-in form);
  2. Product Autoresponders (autoresponders associated with a product, that are delivered automatically to a person according to your scheduling after s/he purchases the product);
  3. Custom Autoresponders (series of messages that you can create independently from Opt-In Forms or products). You can subscribe contacts to the custom autoresponders either manually in their Profile tab (CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > Autoresponders section to the right side > click the link 'View all' > in the pop-up window switch on the radio button to the right of the autoresponder series you want to subscribe the client to > then click the save button at the bottom).

When your Console account is created, you will also find two pre-loaded series of autoresponder messages that you can customize and use with your clients:

  1. Opt-In Autoresponder (associated with the default Opt-In Form);
  2. New Client Autoresponder (a series of messages that helps your clients get oriented in your private client website and find the resources that they need).

All of these types can be found, created and editable in the COMMUNICATE TAB > Autoresponders. The Opt-In Form autoresponders are primarily created in and accessed via the custom Opt-In Form in edit mode (WEBSITE TAB > Custom Opt-In Forms > Autoresponder Messages tab), while the product autoresponders are primarily created in and accessed via the product in edit mode (CART TAB > Products > specific product in edit mode > Autoresponder Messages tab).

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