Can the Coaches Console be integrated with QuickBooks such that I can pull my billing & client payment information into it?


Absolutely! You can export your invoices and payments from your Coaches Console system in to QuickBooks (desktop version). The online version of Quickbooks is not supported yet.

Navigate to the BILLING > EXPORT. When you click on the "Export" menu that is listed just below the billing module, the 2-step process will be displayed on your screen.

The 2-Steps are:

  1. Export invoices to QuickBooks;
  2. Export payments to QuickBooks.

First, choose the "Start of Report Period" and the "End of Report Period". The first time you do this you'll want to include the total time you've been using your Coaches Console system. After that, you'll most likely just include the current month. Then click on the pull down menu and choose "Invoices to QuickBooks" option.

Finally click on the "Export" button. This will create a file (which will display on your screen as a link) for you to save to your computer. Once saved to your computer, open QuickBooks and import this file.

Then repeat the process above. In the pull down menu, choose "Payments to QuickBooks" and it will create another file to save on your computer. Once saved, open QuickBooks and import this file as well.

Now both your invoices and your payments recorded for the date range you selected in the "Start of report period" and "End of report period" will be in your QuickBooks program.

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