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How can I enter payments for clients in the coach end?


If the invoices were created (manually or automatically) and the client paid them via the Console, they are marked automatically as paid, and you don't need to do that yourself manually.

On the other hand, when they are paid by the client outside the Console via credit card or PayPal, you can go to CONTACTS > Client Name > “Invoices” View all >  select “VIEW” from the drop-down menu and mark them manually as paid with the “Add payment” button. Enter the payment details (method, reference number and amount (if it is a partial payment) and then click on the “Apply” button. After that, you can email the receipt (for the entirely paid invoice) to the client with the button at the bottom of the paid invoice.

If the invoice has not been paid yet, and you have the client's credit card data, you can pay instead of the client on the client private website:

  1. Go to CONTACTS > Client Name > click on the link “Login as {Client Name}". Now you are logged into the secured area of your private website as if you were your client.

  2. Click on the PAYMENT TAB and select the invoice to be paid.

  3. If needed, adjust the amount in the partial payment field, then click on the button “Charge My Card”.

  4. You will be taken to the Authorize.net payment form, where you will fill in the details and finalize the transaction.

The payment is processed, automatically recorded in your Coaches Console system and the balance of the client's account is automatically updated.

Important: Please note that when you manually mark an invoice as paid, this does not actually deposit money into your bank account, nor does it charge a client's credit card; it is simply for the purposes of book keeping. The payment needs to be done via the Authorize.net merchant account or PayPal in advance and outside the Console. When it's done via the Console, the invoice is marked automatically as paid.

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