Can I download my coach data before I discontinue my membership?


Yes, you can do that in My Account (top right corner) > Login & Membership > scroll down to the section 'Export Your Data' > use the button 'Request a new download'.

Depending on the quantity of data you have in your account and your download request position in the queue, it will take from 10 minutes to a longer time to generate the download file. When the file is ready, you will see a link that says 'click here to download'.


If more than 24 hours pass and you do not see this link in your account, you can submit a support ticket to let us know about it.

The download link will download a zipped folder to your computer, which you then unzip. After unzipping, you can go into the folder and open the index HTML file. It opens in a browser where you will be able to navigate your Coaches Console data as a mini-website, using a navigation menu to the left side.

The data contained ranges from your personal data, client data (personal info, appointments, notes, invoices, etc.) to website data, communication templates, reports.

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