I Want To Discontinue My Account, But Want To Make Sure That I Can Have A Copy Of The Existing Files On The System. Is There A Simple Process To Get The Files Exported Other Than Manually Copying All Of The Files?


There is not one button to click to download all of your data. Depending on the type of data you wish to retrieve from your system, there are a combination of ways in which you can "download" your data before discontinuing.


Click on CONTACTS TAB, then on the icon labeled IMPORT/EXPORT CONTACTS (lower left corner of the screen, with the arrows pointed in opposing directions): At the bottom of this screen, select the program to export your client information for a comma-separated values  (.csv) file will be created for you to download and import into your program.


Click on the CALENDAR TAB > "Export Calendar" button > select the format > select the from and to dates > choose which calendar (s) > Click the Export button.  This will create a file that you can then import into programs like Outlook, etc.


This is a matter of simply going to each "page" and "form" and Document and copying/pasting the text into a Word Doc.


Personal Info:  all of this will be exported when you export your contacts. You can also generate Clients Reports (REPORTS TAB > Clients Reports).

Client Log:  Simply click on the Client Log for each client and print the logs. Be sure to choose the date range that covers the duration of time you worked with each client.

Appointments:  Click on "View All Notes" and you will be able to print one continuous document of all your client's notes, your notes and any follow up messages you sent.

Goals:  print this screen (and perhaps any archived versions as well)

Discovery:  print this screen (and perhaps any archived versions as well)

Invoices:  Print a copy of the Invoice Summary Screen for each client. This will give you a hard copy of their invoices, payments, balances dues, etc.

Agreement:  print this screen so you have a copy of the client's agreement

Forms: you can open each form the client has filled out and print their answers.


We recommend you run each report as this will give you a collection of ALL your data within the system.  Especially the INVOICES REPORT, CERTIFICATION REPORT, GROUPS REPORT and the NEWSLETTER LIST.

To run these Reports, click on the REPORTS TAB > REPORT NAME. Once you've generated each report you can then choose to print and/or "Export" to an excel spreadsheet.


Some other items you may want to extract from your Console system are any newsletters and/or email templates you've created. So be sure to go to the COMMUNICATE section and print any of the content here you wish to keep.


For the products you will want to go into each product (CART > PRODUCT) and copy/paste the information into a Word doc, including the Autoresponder Messages. 

For the courses you will want to go to CART > COURSE and preview the course so you can print the page, or copy/paste the data into a Word Doc.

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