Can I get tech support 24/7?


The system functionality is constantly monitored by the support staff. Tech support is free and we do our best to respond to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of receiving the request. We have an on-line help guide that provides step-by-step instruction on all the features of the system here. There are as well many short video tutorials and FAQs.

We mainly provide direct technical support via the ticketing system in your coach Dashboard > "Support" section > link "SUBMIT A TICKET" (also accessible via the Help [question mark] icon in the lower left corner of your system), and via the live chat box in the lower right corner of your coach screen (when logged into your coach account).

You can also access the archive of the formerly "Tuesday's @ 2" calls, now under the category "'Optimize Your Console, Maximize Your Business' Training" in your Support Center. These calls are no longer held live, but you can watch the past recordings organized upon topic categories.

One more valuable platform for help is our Facebook Mastermind Group where you can meet other coaches using the system, ask questions and initiate dialogues on system topics.

Lastly, if the coach feels that s/he does not have the time and energy to invest into learning the Console system (which is quite complex and requires a pretty steep learning curve), there is the option of working with a Coaches Console Certified Virtual Assistant (CVA), which involves some additional expense. So, it is up to the coach. Find more information about working with our CVAs here.

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    Gary Burleson

    As a new client , I had no idea it was so involved to get on a Tuesday call. If I had been notified that I had to register I would have. Only when I went to get in the call did I discover all of the details. I never received a notice to register. Maybe something on the dashboard informing to register. Maybe you can sense some frustration in my email. That's because I am. Please send me a notice somewhere were it can be seen.

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    Taunia MacAdam

    What is the phone number to access technical support as per your answer above?
    Taunia MacAdam

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    Marius Chitosca

    Taunia, thank you for writing here. It's a bit of an old FAQ and we updated it now. We do not provide technical support via normal phone, as it is not particularly efficient. As detailed now in the FAQ, the options for support are support tickets, chat box, Tues@2 webinars, the Facebook Mastermind group.

    If a problem is persistent and harder to explain into words and with screenshots in the tickets the coach submits, we can meet with her/him on Skype to talk about it with a shared screen.

    But please note that the Skype option is not for the general orientation in the system, but for recurrent problems the coach encounters and has a hard time getting over.

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