My clients with Yahoo and AOL email addresses do not receive communications from my Console.


If you are using as coach a Yahoo or AOL email address, you cannot send messages from the Console to contacts who also have Yahoo and AOL email addresses. These email providers will block the Console messages due to the DMARC policy implemented on their end.

Basically, because the Console sends communications in the name of your Yahoo/AOL email address, the Yahoo/AOL servers' anti-spam algorithms consider that someone else tries to impersonate their servers, so as a matter of caution, block the messages to your clients.


We cannot do anything about it, as this is on a third party's end. The only recommendation we have is that you, as coach, use a different email address, other than a Yahoo or AOL one.

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    Pam Whitnack

    I am not using Yahoo or AOL email and Yahoo still blocks my newsletters

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    Marius Chitosca

    Pam, Yahoo's and AOL's anti-spamming rules are more sensitive and interpret the Console communications as spam more easily than other email clients. Here we can't help you much. You need to make sure that the content of your emails comply with the spamming rules (for example, avoid including too many links and too much marketing language) and you can do some research online about that. Beyond this, another good idea is to ask your clients with Yahoo and AOL addresses to provide you with a second email address (not Yahoo or AOL, of course) and add it to their profile as a backup in case their Yahoo and AOL addresses continue to block Console messages as spam.

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