How can I edit a client agreement?


Keep in mind that, since the Agreement is client specific, it is located under the CONTACTS TAB. So, you need to go to CONTACTS TAB > Client Name > Agreements tab and click on the "Edit" option in the drop-down menu to the right of the agreement. Make your modifications throughout the agreement wizard tabs and save.

Important note: While you can edit a client agreement, it is essential to keep in mind that editing the billing settings of an agreement with automated invoicing after the client signed the agreement with the initial billing settings will stop the automated invoicing. So, try to make all the editing in the agreement before the client signs it. If you really need to change the billing settings in an agreement after the client signed, you can switch it to manual invoicing. Or, if automated invoicing is important for you, then you can cancel the agreement and create a new agreement with the changed billing settings.

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    Debbie Morley

    I've been running around in circles trying to figure out why I couldn't see a main client agreement file. Perhaps there could be a note that says this is client specific and to set it up in the client file?

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    Marius Chitosca

    Hi, Debbie,

    I am not sure what you understand by "a main client agreement file". :) As the title and content of this FAQ specifies, this is about editing a specific client agreement setup in CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT > Agreement tab > edit specific agreement. You can setup one or more agreements with a client along time and this is the section where they all show.

    If you wanted to edit agreement templates (that can be used when setting up a specific agreement with a given client), those are to be found in BILLING TAB > Agreements. You will see a number of preloaded templates there and you can also add your own templates.

    Finally, we recommend submitting tickets in the Help Desk when you run into an obstacle (with the button "Submit a request" on the Customer Support page, accessible via the link in your Console dashboard, upper right corner). We might see replies to FAQs later, like in this case. So, no need to run in circles. :) Just contact us directly in the Help Desk and we can either give you the correct solution to your problem or point you to the appropriate FAQ, video tutorial or other resource.

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