Is it possible to use my own template on the Coaches Console? I am working on a website and would like to use that template also as the look for my Coaches Console site.


Right now, a coach must use one of the templates provided in their Console system. We have 25 templates that are highly customizable. In these templates you can modify background color, default font color and size, link color, font type (ample choice), header image, headline style (H1, H2, H3, H4), and branding (logo, photo, and website graphic).

Also, in a page wizard (WEBSITE TAB > Pages > specific page in edit mode), you can use the Advanced tab to implement even more modifications: hide or show the header image, logo and social media icons, menu, footer, title. You can also tweak the title of the page in the browser tab, enter meta descriptions for the page, keywords, and implement custom CSS and JS codes to further personalize the look and functionality of your Console website. A short tutorial about the page wizard is here or you can watch it below.

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