Is there a way to connect a PayPal button alongside each product/service provided or does it need to be off to the side as a single choice?


Within your Coaches Console Private Client Website, we have automatically added the PayPal button for your clients to appear on the PAYMENT page of your website. Being a client of PayPal, you certainly do have access to their logo/banner (it's very specific access, so be sure to check your PayPal account for specifications and requirements) to place it on your website. 

As you add your products to your Coaches Console "Private Client Website" (or as you add a "Products & Services" Menu, for example) you can certainly customize the text on the webpage with graphics, hyperlinks etc. You could add a graphic (the PayPal banner) to display next to the product/service you added and turn that graphic into a hyperlink (the specific PayPal product).

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