I see a list of specific currencies supported by The Coaches Console. I do not see my currency listed (for example, the Rand, in South Africa). Can this be added to my Console system?


The international currencies that are supported by The Coaches Console are those that are able to be processed via a PayPal account. You can click on this PayPal link to find a complete list of all international currencies supported by PayPal.   

In looking at PayPal's currency option and we don't see the RAND yet. They might have launched the service locally, but the change of currency is no reflected yet throughout their system. Until the Rand appears on the supported currency list on PayPal’s website, we are not able to integrate it into the Coaches Console.  As soon as it appears, we can add support for the Rand (and any other currencies added by PayPal); this will be a change that won't take too much time on our end.

Update: In the meantime, we added in the list of currencies on the coach end a few currencies that are not supported for payment by PayPal. We only added them so that coaches can create invoices in their local currencies (e.g.: South Africa Rand, Zambia Kwacha, Nigeria Naira, etc). So, again, please keep in mind that these currencies are not yet supported by PayPal. Coaches using them can only create invoices and mark them as paid manually in the Console.

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