How do I add a phone number to appointment confirmations and appointment reminders?


There are several ways to do it, whichever you prefer:

  1. Enter the number in My Account (the bottom left corner of your coach account screen) > tab "Communication Settings" > field "Phone to display in appointment reminders". This will make the number appear in the appointment reminder if the replacement tag $APPOINTMENT_SESSION_PHONE$ is used in the reminder template (in Calendar tab > "Notification Templates"). This replacement tag is included by default in the preloaded appointment confirmation and reminder templates.
  2. You can simply edit the confirmation and reminder templates in the section mentioned above to include your number.
  3. When you schedule an appointment you can type in the conference phone line into the "DESCRIPTION" of the appointment itself.  So when you click on the NEW APPOINTMENT Button and set the date, time, etc., you'll see a box labeled "Description" and whatever you type in this box is also included in the body of the Appointment reminder.  PLUS... when your clients log in to your private website and view their specific appointments, they will also see the description of the appointment showing the conference phone number.
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