Is the sync with iPhone both ways or one way, and if so, which way? In other words, if I change an appointment on the iPhone, does it sync to the Coaches Console or is it the other way around or both? Can I sync with iPad, instead of iPhone?


If you setup the sync following the instructions in the CALENDAR TAB > "SYNC INSTRUCTIONS" button > "iPhone" option from the calendar software drop-down list, then the sync with iPhone option is one directional – your Coaches Console appointments will be synced onto your iPhone calendar. And you can use the same specific link provided in step 3 of the instruction (the one typed, not the one in the screenshot used as example) to perform the same sync on an iPad.

If you want a 2-way sync, you have to sync your Coaches Console calendar to your Google calendar using the 2-way Google Sync option we provide you. Then you can sync your iPhone or other iOS Apple device(s) with your Google calendar, and then everything will be synced together.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Configure your iPhone/iPad to sync with your Google Calendar following the instructions at this link:

2. Then use the instructions in the link below to enable sync for "The Coaches Console" calendar:

And you don't have to create/use another calendar. You would just need to create a Google calendar account, then sync your Coaches Console and your iPhone with it. After that just use your iPhone calendar and your Console calendar as usual. Because you set up the 2-way Google sync, your Google calendar will simply serve as a "pass through" calendar.

Additional resource: You could also try Doodle iCal connector for syncing (

NOTE: At this time, we do not have future plans to integrate additional 2-way sync methods other than what we have already integrated using Google.

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