When I sync my calendar using the instructions for Outlook under the "sync" button, I now have 5 calendars displaying in my Outlook. When I open Outlook I see 5 Tabs: 1 tab for Outlook and 4 tabs 4 tabs that are different Coaches Console calendars


Each time you follow the instructions under Active Sync, you create a new Coaches Console calendar within your Outlook calendar.  The reason you see 4 Coaches Console calendars when you open Outlook is because you repeated the process of “Active Sync” 4 times.  To undo this is simple.

When you open Outlook: 

  1. From the top menu Tools > Account settings, select the tab Internet Calendars.
  2. Now a list of the 4 Coaches Console calendars should be listed.
  3. Click on each of them and then click Remove (repeat this process 3 times).

You should remove all of those except one. Or just remove all of them and go through the steps of adding the calendar again within your Coaches Console calendar under the "Active Sync" button.

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