Is the synchronization between the Coaches Console and Google Calendar in real time?


After the sync is established between the Coaches Console calendar and Google Calendar, the syncing process should not generally take more than 15 minutes. In the past, coaches reported delays in the syncing between the two calendars, mostly due to Google. For this reason, we placed in the CALENDAR TAB the new option "sync now" that, once clicked, ensures a real time synching between the calendars.

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    Madalyn Kennedy

    My available times are not showing up in my google calendar at all and I'm confused. Please advise how I can get them to show. I selected 3 segmented 30 minute blocks for tomorrow as a test so I can send the calendar link to my clients to schedule their times. Nothing is showing. Now my clients are existing ones so they are not in my coaches console data base but that should not make a difference of who they are, right? Thanks - Madalyn Kennedy

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