I am having problems scheduling a longer series of available times/appointments. The Console seems to freeze when I try to save my series.


The system can freeze when the date range for your recurring series is to broad, if there are too many appointments trying to be scheduled at one time.

Since the system checks for each appointment (before creation) if:

- there are no conflicts;
- the appointment is an available slot or with a client;
- the appointment is correctly set;
- if it's an available slot and it has other available slots as neighbors it tries to merge them.

You can imagine that if you multiply this whole process in a series of, for example, 150 appointments or blocks of available time, it can get quite a load on the server.

One solution would be to schedule the appointments in smaller frames (a week would be ok, a month would probably be ok too or even two months).

Again, remember from my earlier post that you actually don't need to schedule things if you are simply wanting it to NOT be available. Your calendar by default is NOT available. You only need to schedule what IS available so your clients then have access/permission to schedule/reschedule within the times that you ARE available.

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