Where do I setup the time interval for the reminder that sent to the clients in advance of an appointment?


This is done for each specific appointment type in CALENDAR TAB > Appointment Types > click to edit the appointment type > "Reminders and follow-up" Tab, where you can specify the interval of time the reminder is sent in advance.

This can be set for any/all reminders set for an appointment type, so if you have multiple reminders for an appointment type, then you can set them to go at different intervals before the appointment (e.g.: one reminder with 24 hours and another reminder with 1 hour in advance).

Also, when you are the one scheduling an appointment on your coach end in the calendar, you can specify the time interval for the reminder(s) in the scheduling pop-up window, like for example when - for some particular client appointment - you want to change the reminder interval from the default value of setup in the appointment type to a different interval (just for that specific appointment).

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