How can I send session notes to a group?


When you schedule an appointment for a "Group" on your calendar, you'll notice on the CALENDAR TAB that the name on the appointment is the name of the group.  And that appointment is also listed under the CONTACTS TAB > APPOINTMENTS screen for any/all of the clients assigned to that Group.

When you click on the CONTACTS TAB and then on any one of the names of the clients within that group (it doesn't matter which client), then click on "Appointments" you'll see the group appointment also listed on this screen (displaying the group's name).  By clicking on the "Take Notes" button for the Group Appointment, you can take private notes that only you see, but at the bottom you'll see the box labeled "Session Follow Up Notes for GROUP NAME" - anything you type in that bottom box, when you check the "Email notes to client" and click "save" will be emailed to EVERYONE in the group all at once.

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