How can I send session notes to a group?


When you schedule an appointment with a group in your calendar, you'll notice on the CALENDAR TAB that the name on the appointment is the name of the group.  And that appointment is also listed under Appointments tab for all of the clients assigned to that specific group (in CONTACTS TAB > Client Name > Appointments tab).

So, you can go to any of the clients in the respective group to write and send via email the session notes for the group appointment(s). Click on the "Take Notes" icon to the right of the group appointment (in CONTACTS TAB > Client Name > Appointments tab). You can take private notes that only you see (in the section "Coaches Private Notes"). In the section that follows, titled "Session Notes to E-Mail to {Group Name} Members", you write the session notes to be emailed to the group members and save them with the "SAVE" button at the bottom. The orange button "Email notes to client" can be used to email the notes, and they will be sent to all the members in that particular group.

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