I am traveling constantly. Doing 1-3 month residencies in different places and I can't keep my client appointments straight. If I use the clients time zone I never am sure of my schedule. If I use my time zone the client is confused.


When you are logged in to your Console system and view your calendar, you are looking at the calendar in the time zone set under ACCOUNT (lowest corner of your system) > PROFILE SETTINGS > COACH PROFILE link.

When your clients log into your private website using their specific login credentials, they always view the calendar and their appointments in THEIR respective time zone that is set in their profile (in CONTACTS TAB > "Client Name" link > "Profile" tab. So, when your clients view the calendar or receive appointment confirmation messages and appointment reminders, your Console system is automatically converting the time to the clients’ time zone. They should never be confused by the date/time of the appointment, unless they too are traveling and switching time zones on a regular basis.

To simplify your viewing of your appointments, we would recommend one of two things:

(1) When you get ready to travel to a new time zone, click on the ACCOUNT link in the lowest left corner of your system > PROFILE SETTINGS, and within your Coach Profile information, click on the time zone pull down menu and change the time zone to be that of the location to which you are traveling. Click on "save" and your system will automatically convert any/all appointments to this new time zone. Then when are you about to travel back home, do the same.

(2) Anytime when you click on the CALENDAR TAB, in the upper left side of the screen you'll find your default time zone setting listed here (according to the time zone saved in your ACCOUNT section). If, while you are looking at your calendar and wish to have a quick view at your appointments in an alternate time zone, click on the pull down menu at the top of the "Northern Lights" section and choose a different time zone. Your system will automatically convert any/all appointments on your calendar to the new time zone selected. This version is not permanent and when you leave the calendar tab, your appointments will revert back to the default time zone setting under your ACCOUNT settings.

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