I have a regular client who said that this week he didn't receive the auto-email with a reminder of his appointment time and link to the pre-call strategy form. Why is that?



People can set their email settings to various levels of security and depending on what settings they've chosen messages from various sources may or may not pass through to their actual inbox. Sometimes a person's email settings will send a message to junk or label it as spam simply based on a word, on content or on the fact that a message is being sent by one person (you) on behalf of another server (our coaches console server). As a result of the various settings clients/contacts can choose in their own programs, the messages may or may not always make it to the person's inbox. Be sure to tell your client(s) to check their spam and junk folders. And also be sure to tell your clients/contacts to "whitelist" your name, email as well as info@coachesconsole.com and noreply@coachesconsole.com to be absolutely sure they program allows information to pass through to their inbox. Some programs will call this "Whitelisting" or they may call it "Safe Senders List."

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