My client is trying to schedule/reschedule an appointment and even though there is a block of available time on the calendar, the client continues to receive a notice that this time is not available. Why is that?


There can be two scenarios:

  1. Your client tries to schedule an appointment that exceeds the block of available time. For example, you may have a block of available time from 3pm until 3:45pm and the client tries to schedule a 1 hour appointment from 3pm until 4pm. In this case, your clients will be prompted with a message telling them that "The timeframe you are trying to schedule is not available with your coach."
  2. The Coaches Console system has a "lockout" of 24 hours in advance during which a client or prospect cannot schedule appointments, even if there are blocks of available time on the coach's calendar.

Make sure you explain these scheduling rules to your clients in advance. A good place for this would be a FAQ page on your private Coaches Console website.

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