Can I build a multi-language interface in the Console?


A multi-language interface capability is in the works, although currently there is no exact deadline or estimated time of implementation for it. In the interim we can only suggest a workaround for that. Here is a proposed process:

a. In WEBSITE > PAGES, you would create the pages you need for your clients, in two versions each: English and French. You would also create an intro page for each language interface.

b. In WEBSITE > MENUS, you would create two menus (tabs), for English and French to which you assign the intro pages. Then, you can create sub-menus under each menu (that will become drop-down list from client perspective) to which you assign the pages you created in step a.

So, it will be something like this on your website (an English-French example):

Menu > English Customers (the intro page, like a welcome page)
>> First Page
>> Second Page
>> Third Page

and next to this

Menu > Clients Francaise/Canadians (the intro page, like Bienvenu)
>> Première Page
>> Deuxième Page
>> Troisième Page

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